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Enjoy a full range of lovingly crafted coffee and tea beverages from either our espresso bar, or our slow bar if you have some time to stay and chat.

Our kitchen offers wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and snack options, and we pride ourselves on making everything fresh in house. We like to constantly change things up, offering new specials weekly! We also ensure that our menu always has options available for those who are vegan or gluten free, and will consistently do our best to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions.


Welcome to Ark & Anchor

We strive to offer the perfect cafe experience for the Strathcona neighbourhood! Our aim is to share the beautiful space we've created with our community, while also serving up great coffee, great food, and making lasting connections.

We pride ourselves on making our space inclusive. Anyone and everyone is welcome.

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After tasting the macchiato, I was not disappointed. Deep, lush and rich and, even without the undercurrent of milk, it would have gone down smoothly.

My dining companion's cappuccino was a milkier version of my drink. With the beans (from Clean Coffee, in Toronto), the grind and all the other details that go into making espresso, both cups were fantastic.


“It was exciting to hear about the arrival of Ark + Anchor, located just ’round the corner from The Casbah. Right from my first visit, I loved the space. It’s so bright and clean, with its white walls and ceiling, pops of bright colour here and there, bookshelf (always a plus!), bags of coffee...


Patrick knows his stuff! The way he describes coffee is unlike anyone I’ve heard before. I’m not a coffee connoisseur and can’t describe it to save my life, but adjectives were used and I just went for it – “Yes! Latte, please!”