Our Vision

We want to provide the Strathcona neighbourhood with the perfect cafe experience. Whether you need a place to hunker down for a long study session, talk business, or just enjoy a great coffee and some great food with friends, we can provide the backdrop. Our space has been created with a focus on tranquility, openness, and inclusivity, and we like to think it shows.

We offer a full range of coffee and tea beverages from both our espresso bar, as well as a wide range of health forward food options that we pride ourselves on making entirely fresh in house. 

Ultimately, our aim is to establish ourselves as a community hub where people from all around the city can feel at home. In addition to our normal cafe fare, we also play host to an expanding number of clubs and community events, including the Ship's Log Book Club, Monday Night RPGs, Drop'In Dice, and On Board.

Our Story

Ark & Anchor was established in the fall of 2015 by partners Patrick Guilbault and Yigi Chang, who quickly made themselves well known faces in the community. Their flare for exceptional customer service and great coffee made the cafe a go to spot in the Strathcona neighbourhood. 

Since then, they have committed themselves to providing the community with the prefect space to enjoy great drinks and food in the company of friends. 

Meet Us

Patrick Guilbault

Patrick started wearing a green apron in the fall of 2006, pulling shots on one of the last La Marzocco Linea machines in Canada, and found a certain oneness with both coffee and serving. He stuck with the Large Corporation until 2010 when the opportunity to manage a smaller independent shop in Toronto's Dundas West neighbourhood arose and has since worked/helped/hung out in many a fine spot in Toronto. Directly before opening A+A in Hamilton, he worked for Ezra's Pound for many years. While he is a fan of coffee, it is really cafes that Patrick is interested in. Spaces and places, how we use them, and why they feel like home... but also can be so transitory.


He also reads lots of comics, rpg books, and will always want to talk about the structure of running a tabletop roleplaying game.

Yigi Chang

Yigi is an artist who received his BDes for illustration from OCAD in 2011. His work as always been fascinated by the playful complexity of the sensual and he enjoys drawing form its fertile and infinite variations with a queer perspective. After studying the human figure and anatomy his focus expanded from art and beauty, into an exploration of health and nutrition. Yigi believes that the surest way to store your resources is in your body. Learn as much as you can and invest in your body. Health is wealth and food is medicine.


In 2015, he moved to Hamilton with his partner, Patrick, to create their first business. Their intention was to build a centre of calm, focus, and wellness. Yigi likes drawing, painting, fantasy, and yoga.

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